Face Treatments

Spa de Beauté recognizes each guest as unique. We tailor every treatment to meet your individual needs and to deliver the benefits you desire. No luxury is spared in our mission to achieve unparalleled results for our clients.

Please contact us with any queries regarding the pricing and duration of our face treatments.

Biologique Recherche™ Soin Lissant Facial  

Hydrates and smoothes. As with every treatment developed by Biologique, this facial begins with a preparatory phase: cleansing of the face and neck and then exfoliation/moisturization.  The rebalanced skin is then ready for the strong hydrating and renewing properties of the Complexe Restructurant et Lissant. The unique application technique also provides a restructuring dimension to the treatment. Your skin is refreshed, smoothed and toned. Provides instant radiance and long-lasting moisturization.

Biologique Recherche™ Le Lift

Purifies, lifts and illuminates. This remineralizing treatment lifts and tones the skin while keeping it fresh and calm. The use of micro-crystalline algae, silk extract and natural amino acids eliminates dead cells to promote oxygen exchange. The active products are combined with modulating techniques and massage into a purifying experience that redefines facial contours. Skin is then left rebalanced and luminous. Le Lift provides an instant lifting effect.

Biologique Recherche™ Seconde Peau Facial

A world first in professional beauty products, developed exclusively by Biologique Recherche. This regenerating and lifting treatment is created using sterile electro-spun patches with 80% pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid which are custom fitted and massaged with serum until absorbed to target a desired area. This intense regenerating treatment is designed for mature Skin Instants© damaged by the signs of aging and will visibly lift, treat signs of aging, and accelerate the healing process. The skin is left with an increased firmness, smoothness, and density.


Biologique Recherche™ Micro-Puncture Lab Treatment  

The skin is prepared for this treatment with micro-perforations, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. A healing mixture of super active amino acids, vitamins, and serums are then applied to the skin, which improves the treatment’s long lasting effects of refining the skin, smoothing lines and minimizing scars.

Biologique Recherche™ Le Remodeling Face®

This age-defying treatment targets the face, décolleté, and neck to restore elasticity, stimulate circulation and re-sculpt the facial structure, leaving spectacular visible results. The Remodeling Face Machine is utilized to change the dynamic facial architecture by lifting superficial and deep tissue with simultaneous currents. The combination of three currents (galvanic, medium, and high frequencies) re-sculpts the facial structure for wider looking eyes, more pronounced cheekbones, less marked wrinkles and a more clearly defined facial contour; just some of the effects produced by Biologique Recherche’s state of the art Remodeling Machine. Visible results can be seen immediately.

Biologique Recherche™ Le Remodeling Face
double lift

Biologique Recherche™ Double Lift Facial  

The best of both worlds! Combine either the Le Soin Lissant or Le Lift with Biologique Recherche’s Remodeling Face Machine to boost and restore elasticity of the skin.

Biologique Recherche™ Triple Lift Facial

Purifies, lifts and illuminates. Your skin needs to breathe in order to eliminate the dead cells that clog pores and slow down oxygen exchange. Biologique’s active products are combined with modulating techniques and massage into a purifying ritual that firms and redefines facial contours. This ultimate age-defying facial plumps and tones, restoring volume and elasticity to the skin, and providing an instant lifting effect that leaves your skin luminous and firm. A complete treatment to redefine and plump facial volume (The combination of the Le Soin Lissant, Le Lift, and Remodeling Face Machine).


Biologique Recherche™ Manual Lift

Our aestheticians use a special technique to control the level of exfoliation, using products derived from seaweed power that mildly tweak the skin to restore elasticity. This treatment also stimulates circulation and the production of new cells that leaves your skin looking tighter, smoother, and healthier.

Biologique Recherche™ Oxygen Facial

Pressurized oxygen increases absorption during the treatment and naturally increases skin’s moisture levels. Delivering hyaluronic acid, vitamins and powerful antioxidants, this facial breathes new life into dehydrated, dull skin. The results are immediate, with no down time. This facial is personalized to repair and nourish, by hydrating, purifying, and reinforcing skin at the cellular level.


Biologique Recherche™ VIP O2 Facial

This luxurious oxygenating and blanking ritual features a perfect combination of micro-exfoliation, oxygenation and bio-energy massages. You are left with a healthy, revitalized, glowing skin. This refreshing treatment breathes beauty into your skin.

Biologique Recherche™ Collagen Facial 

This refreshing treatment moisturizes the skin and unifies the complexion. Skin retains a veil of moisture and plumps up; the result, a calm and toned facial contour. This treatment is designed to target face and neck.


Traditional European Facial

This purifying facial is designed to tighten the skin’s pores and accelerate the healing of skin imperfections for a firmer and more radiant complexion, This treatment encourages rejuvenation and reduces the appearance of fine lines.  Advanced therapies are specifically geared toward signs of early aging. We will choose the treatment customized to meet your needs and concerns. The end result will leave you with skin that is cleaner, healthier, and rebalanced. Also suggested for teens.

Anti-Aging & Healing LED Light Therapy Treatment 

A fabulous way to target fine lines and wrinkles, soothe & heal the skin by using the most effective, non-invasive technology. The LED Light needs less than a minute to ‘charge’ the skin cells, getting them to produce more collagen and elastin. Consecutive treatments might be necessary to achieve better results.

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Signature European Facial

Designed with the highest standards of cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, mask, and hydration, this facial treatment soothes, tones, and nourishes your skin. Each customized facial is targeted to pamper, beautify, and correct.


One of of the tricks of the trade in the fashion and beauty industries. The careful removal of the outermost layer of dead skin cells, leaving you with immediate results. Newer, fresher skin will be unveiled. It is also perfect for removing unwanted facial hair. Dermaplaning is wonderful solo or combined with Microcurrent facial toning for an extra boost.

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Biologique Recherche™ Facial Add-Ons:

Caviar or Collagen specialty mask

Micro-Puncture Lab for eye and lip area

Eye Treatment

Oxygen Boost

Additonal Add-Ons:

LED Light Therapy

Make-Up Application